Shirazee’s practice involves Photojournalism by looking into key events what are happening currently and documenting the world not as we are shown, but through other people’s eyes. These two projects she tries to capture exactly that with ‘Together’ and ‘New Surroundings’. Both projects are based in the North West of England. 'New Surroundings' focusses on people who grow and eat organic in the North West. Growing at local allotments in Manchester. Looking at the different sects of reasons to grow and eat organic produce. Her journey of investigation in the allotments and each individual let her discover the impact it has on climate change with many being environmentalists as well as many living such a life due to financial complications and looking into what the financial climate of mass production of fruit and veg in supermarkets has on our health as well as financially and on climate change due to a surge of plastic waste.

‘Together’ is a series built up from a year of building close relationships with a selection of refugees. The series is a set of portraits from individuals who grow at a community allotment in Manchester. With everyone from various parts of the world; Pakistan, India, Syria, Nigeria. She has followed certain individuals on their journey of the reasons they grow and their path on trying to remain in the UK. Looking into each individual and the trauma they have endeared due to many of the places they are coming from having war, politics or financial difficulties, which has led to ramifications with in each individuals lives. She looks into the psychological benefits of growing and being in an outdoor space. Focusing on the psychological and sociological benefits. She does this by documenting each person on the reason’s they have moved and looking into the social climate around them.

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